how to trade at longer time frame

Discussion in 'Trading' started by robinxing, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. for example 1 hour

    which indicator or technical analysis do you use?

    would someone point me the way?

    thank you
  2. syspool


    I trade with 60 min. and on Tradestation I use these settings:

    - 6 EMAs 3,6,9,12,15,18
    - 4 full stochastics
    - 14,7,3
    - 14,14,3
    - 21,7,3
    - 21,14,3
    - CCI 15,9
    - MACD 12,26,9

    If about 9 of the 12 indicators show a change in trend I enter and if about 5 go the other way, it's time to exit.

    Having trained myself I can spot entries and exits with >80% reliability. I trade indices and their subproducts like ETFs (DIA, QQQQ etc.), futures as well as forex.

    Good hunting
  3. I trade usually at shorter time frame

    less than 5 minutes

    for me the shorter the time span

    the more opportunity

    if the time span is too long

    the macd is not sensitive to the price movement