How to trade as a beginner?

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by warrenbuffet, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Hi, I just finished my first day of work as a proprietary trader. However, there wasn't much of a training program. Basically I was monitoring the senior trader, occassionaly asking some questions. and at the end i was put on a computer to trade in a simulation on my own.

    It seems that the traders at my firm are utilizing the openbook to spot trent alot. Seeing whether the public lean more towards buy or sell, and who is bidding at what price, with how many shares, and who is asking to sell at what price and how many shares.

    Today, i basically was looking for time when there is a big buy or big sell, and usually execute my trade right after those, hoping that their big sell will either drop the price a little bit or increase it. But this didn't work out too well for me in t he simulation.

    Could anyone maybe show me a few techniques, or tell me what I should look for? I would really appreciate it.

    or if anyone could recommend a good web site on this strategy of investing, that would help me out greatly.
  2. That is how all companies train no matter what industry you are in. The really big companies might have some formal training and it might be good or bad depending on the company. Just try to learn what you can and maybe in a few years it might all come together.