How to trade aluminium

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by TurkA, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. TurkA


    Hy, I am traying to find a broker who provides a platform for traiding aluminium with CFDs. So if you know it plese let me know, or if anybody knows how to get some good charts with aluminium to analize it.
  2. bone

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    We trade Aluminum on the LME, use it mostly as a spread vehicle against other industrial metals like Copper.

    So, in terms of charting the non-ferrous metal as a commodity, use the LME three month high grade aluminum futures contract.
  3. TurkA


    Thank you for your help, but i want to get to the charts for technical analyses(bar charts or candllesticks) and possibility to look different time frames. With ragistration on LME i get only line charts and i can't do any anallysis. I am not looking to trade futures on aluminium, I just need aluminium will be some demo platform which provides data for aluminium.
  4. What broker do you use? I don't think IB offers that, do they?