how to trade a slow bleed

Discussion in 'Trading' started by silk, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. waiting til the war is over may be prudent.:(
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  2. Speaking of a tough year and all that, anyone know how the been-arounds are doing? Was thinking of First continental. Man, they were the guys Leeson wanted to be like. Surely there must be firms who recognise the type of market and prosper?
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  3. -- been catching up on the reading as well.

    Lately I've been reducing position size and trading frequency. Getting chopped up on light volume/low volatility days is mentally draining -- saps the life out of you.

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    I am going to go fishing today. :D
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  5. That's the smartest thing I've read today.
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  6. Still plenty of intraday moves to be had in this market (20 NQ pts just whizzed by), its just that macro-funds are dominating the flow.

    Along with 10-yr, dollar, oil, and gold, the es/nq is just one component of what these funds are trading on their screens, and the lack of institutional activity just makes their presence more obvious. How this bears on those of you trying to sneak a few pennies off the specialists, I haven't a clue. But there is action in this market if you look for it -- how bout trading a few hundred euro contracts if you're bored :)
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  7. What market are you 'slow bleeders' trading? today was AWESOME!
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  8. :D :D :D
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