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  1. sfunds


    I am from India
    Here automated trading is not supported by my brocker but i am sure in few years it will be there.

    What are the requirements of automated trading system

    can some one give example of set up

  2. Lycan


    They will need to give you an API (set of functions) to call to achieve your goal. Usually the API comes with a few examples of how the functions are intended to be used. Otherwise you will need to program to their order/quote servers (much more difficult). I doubt they will implement the latter because they are opening their servers up to possible incorrect code.

    Ask them for an API
  3. I attached a diagram of what automated trading looks like using a broker and a data server. I hope this helps.

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  4. Tums


    You can experience Autotrade first hand.

    1. download MultiCharts
    this is NOT a demo program. This is the 30 day free trial of a full function program

    2. this program includes a number of simple autotrade strategies
    or you can check this thread for more samples

    3. connect MultiCharts to the IB Demo System
    This demo system streams data (day old) to MultiCharts,
    and processes autotrade orders from MultiCharts just like the real thing.
    you don't need to be an account holder to use this system.
    (look under Demo tab, select Individual account)


    p.s. Let me know if you need more info.
  5. janus007


    If you've programming experience you could create your own API and use their http-protocol.
    Just because a broker doesn't give their customers an API (God knows why), doesn't mean you're amputated for automated trading.

    As long as the broker has a website where you can create, cancel and manage your trades all should be fine :)
  6. brandx



    Thanks for the information.

    I signed up for the 30 day Trial with Multicharts on Saturday, but they won't get me set up until sometime on Tuesday. I get a feed from my broker, MB Trading which is NOT a partner of MultiCharts.

    In order to get running on Multicharts, I am thinking of paying for a feed from E-Signal.

    My goal is to get up and running on this platform as soon as possible.

    Do you think any other path I should take? Expediency is my goal. I can trade on another machine while observing Multicharts. I do this now with MB and TN.
  7. Tums


    I only have experience with IB...

    if you trade stocks EOD, MC can connect to Yahoo or MSN for data.
  8. brandx


    Thanks, again. I trade ES.
  9. sfunds


    Thanks Rabbitone and tums for your suggestion
  10. edbar


    MB Trading has their own API, with sample programs.

    Why not just program to their API?

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