How to tip like a 1 percenter

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  1. An arrogant banker has done all in his power to enforce his position as the ‘one per cent,’ all the while reminding everyone else they’re not.

    After dining on a meal at a boutique Newport Beach, California restaurant, the banker left only $1.33 on a $133.54 tab.

    Adding insult to injury, he gave the server, Breanna, another tip: ‘Get a real job.’

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    ''An arrogant''

    Even worse,i`d say an ignorant...
  3. If server performes well, Tip well. If server didn't do their job, no tip.
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    I've eaten there a few times. It was "OK". Typical of many establishments in the area it is more of a "see and be seen" type of joint rather than a great place to eat as a foodie.

    I'm not sure I would say that the majority of clientele are "1%ers". More like trying to appear to be 1%ers while wildly living beyond their means.

    At any rate there a plenty of J.O.s around here who would put that on a receipt so I fail to see how mentioning 1%er NY banker (and I think it is a dubious assumption that this part is even true) is of any relevance other than trying to stir up some more class warfare.
  5. Maybe the service was terrible?
  6. Ban tipping.

    Maybe this horrific incident will set into motion and force life to be fair.

    The IRS will like it too.

    One little whiner at a former employer of mine constantly complained to management about the bonus structure being unfair specifically to her.

    Guess what? To make it fair for the whiner, we all had the bonus program taken away from us.
  7. Valets are the worst, esp at a decent apartment you live in or hotel you're staying at for a few weeks. $20 every time you get the car? Really? I pay less for insurance!

    Yyou hit the nail on the head!.
  8. I like the symbolism of the gesture.... except punishing the wrong people.
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    maybe he should watch the waiting movie,before he visits the place again :p never know how life can turn...i wish that this fucker serves the tables at prison some day..from my days as a pizza delivery-the poor folks are always give you good tip. cause they know,that you are struggle and trying to support you. never,NEVER got a good tip from rich people,living in homes 1+M. most of them actually will write a check(yes-check) for exact amount.
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    If everyone had gotten a "real job" then he's still be there, waiting to order.
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