How to tell what price a stock is going to open at

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  1. What are some things that can tell you the opening price of the stock before it opens.

    The only thing I know of it the pre market spread. Does anyone know anything else?
  2. That is one of the great mysteries of the universe.
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    I'm very pleased to hear if somebody can have a sound answer to such question. You risk of being ridiculed for that kind of question.
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    I don't really think you can... Because the big unknown is how many overnight orders are stacked up on the institutions desk's waiting to be executed at the opening

    I usually look at pre-mkt volume to find stocks, then wait for the first 30 min to see how the price is playing out
  5. they give clues
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    Well Sir - You got me beat:cool:

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  7. the level at which the overnight futures are trading gives an estimation depending on the correlation of your stock with the stock index futures.
  8. I was hoping to get better than that
  9. Well aren't the opens somewhat correlated to the pre mkt spread?
  10. it depends on the premarket volume before the open and the bid/ask. Typically if the volume is high it will almost always open between the bid and the ask. This is the case for high volume stuff like QQQQ, DIA, AAPL, and RIMM. A lot of stocks have weak pre market volume and wide bid/ask spreads so predicting the open is much more difficult. However, 90% of the time it will open between the bid/ask.
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