how to take delivery of LBMA 400 toz bar?

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    i know that COMEX has 100 toz bar contracts for gold but i am interested in the 400 toz bar that LBMA offers. if anyone here has ever taken delivery of the LBMA gold or silver bars im very interested in hearing about it. thanks ahead of time
  2. The London Bullion Market Association

    13-14 Basinghall Street
    London EC2V 5BQ

    Tel: +44 (0) 20 7796 3067
    Fax: +44 (0) 20 7796 2112

    They can answer all your questions, I'm sure.
  3. i strongly suggest you keep your mouth shut if/when you take delivery of your new GC bar. that is a $712k paperweight you have and someone might try to liberate it from you. if anyone asks if you invest in gold so "no all of my money is in beanie babies". what they don't know can't hurt you.

    but seriously, it's the same principal as "shoot, shovel, shut up" (and pls don't go commit a crime now and tell the cops "but officer someone on ET told me how to do it!"). i've heard stories re people putting their life savings in gold bars/coins then they got robbed and were sol.
  4. Delivery or purchase the gold through bank, It is one of the secure and easiest method. Each bar is stamped with a unique Serial number, the Refiner’s Assay stamp, the Fineness, and the year of manufacture, and has an unbroken Chain of Integrity guaranteed by the LBMA and its member banks and assayers. There are many factors that influence the price of gold each day, as well as over the long term.

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    There are too many known cases of allocated gold held at a bank being sold by the custodian, and the custodian having great difficulty finding gold to return to the owner. Long delays, different bar numbers, different manufacture dates etc.

    The LBMA and COMEX operate a fractional reserve system, like the banks.

    I would put it in a private vault out of the banking system.

    if you need a referral reply