How to take a screenshot of a scrollable window?

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  1. Does anyone know of any software that will let you take a quick screenshot of an entire scrollable window, even the part of the window that isn't showing? You know what I mean? For example, with internet explorer, sometimes you need to scroll down to see the whole window. Is there software that can take a screenshot of the whole window including the parts down below?

    And I'm not just talking about internet explorer, but any window from any program that needs to be scrolled. I'd like to take a screenshot of scrollable windows.

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  2. Try ScreenPrint32. I use it, though not as you request. It has a variety of options... one of which is to "capture an entire window", even the parts above and below that which is currently displayed.
  3. An alternative is also Snagit 'Auto Scrolling Window' feature.

  4. Thanks. I tried this one but it didn't seem to capture the scrolled area. It captured the active window just fine, but not the scrolled area.

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    If you use Firefox there is an extension called Scrapbook. It will capture the entire page and save it as is. I use it all the time. Awesome little goodie.

  6. I use Avant Browser, but thanks!

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  7. Wow, SnagIt is the best! But I guess you get what you pay for, right? $40, ouch! But hey, it's a great utility. It even grabs a scrollable child window, that's pretty amazing, and that's actually what I was looking for. Thanks!

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  8. right click, select all, copy
  9. SnagIt is great for taking screenshots - simple, scrolling, etc. and then you can also edit the screenshots very easily in their editor.
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    Try Webcam Video Capture. It is very good and clean.

    I am using it even now, and I don't have a single unpleasent situation with it.

    Try it and then you can thank me :D

    You can download the latest version form
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