How to sync PC time with CME Globex time

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mmm, Apr 28, 2004.

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    I use Tardis to set my PC's time as per various internet based Atomic clocks. (see for more info on Tardis).

    Does the CME have a network time synchornization service that I can access via a program like Tardis?


    -- MMM
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    I belive the Tardis program uses the NTP protocol for time setting.

    What's needed however is a CME server to provide the time signal. Anyone know of such a server?

    -- MMM
  4. The CME servers at least used to be periodically synched to the national atomic clocks, so synching your PC similarly should get you a match within about a second.

    How much closer than that do you practically need?

    Doubt the CME bothers to externalize an NTP server for the handful or less people who are trying to match their PC's clock to their servers to the nanosecond.
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    Sometimes I close out my position right before the market closes.

    As I don't know how "off" my clock my be, I usually close it off 30 seconds or more before my PC's time's close, just to be sure.

    If I had a better grip on the time, I'd cut it a little closer.

    -- MMM
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    I doubt the CME server will ever differ significantly from "official" time, so you'll be aligned to CME within milliseconds range if you pick ntp time. I wouldn't be surprised if CME uses ntp itself - why have one dedicated link to a atomic clock if you can have near-failsafe links to a hundred?

    On you'll find links to dos/windows programs to use ntp, no need to pay for Tardis. The program will set your computer's time to net time.

    Could you shed some light on your strategy? Not the details of course, but just so much I understand what makes it so very important to enter as last to the order queue.

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    Especially because 1 server is not sufficient to synchronize time to the nanosecond. One needs at least two servers to detect the runtime differences for transmission on the net. Same principle as with GPS here.
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    Nothing really fancy. On occasion I have a good trade, such as catching a trend up day at the low, and the market looks like it's closing on it's high, and I'm trying to eke out as much as possible from the trade before exiting.

    -- MMM
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    Ok! Makes sense, thanks!
  10. Can your broker do reliable market on close orders for you rather than you're trying to "eBay" your exit?
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