how to strengthen my mind/brain? Does meditation work?

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  1. Hi all,

    I am looking for ways of strengthening my mind/brain. My goals are (1) emotion control; (2) stress relief; (3) concentration on work without being affected by outside chaos.

    My difficult times are:

    (1) When my GF broke up with me;
    (2) When my boss demanded me to finish many things overnight;
    (3) When I lost huge amount of money in investment;
    (4) When bad news and difficult people arose ...
    (5) When the surrounding was noisy;
    (6) When I was angry or overly excited;

    At these difficult moments, I just couldn't concentrate and focus on my work -- no matter how important it is. I have huge trouble managing my emotion, stress, and hence my concentration and focus.

    This made my work and my trading up and down and fluctuate a lot.

    I think I am more sensitive to these things than most people.

    So annoying! Any suggestions?

    I've heard that breathing control might help. But how to do it? Anybody tried meditation and really worked? Please give me some pointers! Thanks a lot!
  2. Yes it does. Place a pillow or cushion over your face and hold it there tightly until your breathing halts (or have someone do it for you). This is a long term solution :D which frees you from the earthly defects of your personality - for good.

    Children should not try this at home.
  3. You just got to love ET. :D
  4. If you reach deep down it is very effective. The goal for Buddhists is Nibbana/Nirvana. I think you could say it´s the same as realizing who you are - Rigpa or the primordial awarness

    Instead of identifying with thoughts and the body they meditate by observing thoughts or the space between them and can then take a glimpse of Rigpa.

    Others watch the breath to calm the mind and from there make it easier to recognize Rigpa or what they call it.

    First you reach deeper levels of "absorption" called Jhana and then even end of duality that cause stress - Samadhi. Almost the same as Nirvana and Rigpa i guess. :)
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    I have you ever wondered about how some fighters can endure the pain ?

    They practiced.

    You should try practicing taking emotional pain and enduring it by changing your view about what has caused it.

    Meditation teaches you to concentrate and relax by forgetting all and watching your breathing.

    But a practical solution to the problem is to practice changing your views to problems in order to alleviate emotional pains. In the end, you will have to understand the no-self concept, and ultimately, seeing that there is no concept of anything.

    In the end, you reach to the point where money isn't important any more. Then that's probably when you can trade successfully. We then probably will not see you here on this forum, bragging about how much you know or how much you make. If you have the urge to brag, that means you are going nowhere with this meditation thing.

    I once asked a monk if a fighter could endure pain because he has spent time practicing, this monk smiled and answered: "A better fighter would have avoided getting hit."
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    :D :D :D :D :D :D
  7. This isn't breath control, but this might assist you in being able to control you mind, thoughts and actions.

  8. Fish oil is the best brain/nervous system enhancer. In fact, the white matter is partly constructed of components of fish oil.

    I am talking a LOT, not a little. i take 3 capsules daily.
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    here in lies your problem....these are not difficult times..

    1) you will break up with many more girlfriends.
    2) bosses will always demand
    3) loss is a path to winning
    4) there will always be difficult people in your life....bad news is what it is ( this one is tough depending on the news ).
    5) disposable ear plugs...they work awesome...drowns out 90% of the noise or use a 30 minute chart :p
    6) this one will only work out itself with time as you see there really isnt any need to be angry or overly excited...its just another day in one hell of a journey.....

    difficult times are...losing a loved one, losing your health, losing a limb, not having food on your plate on a daily basis, being confined to a wheelchair for the rest of ur life ( and even then people overcome )....peace and happy journey
  10. The more you will expose yourself to emotionally hard painful tough stressful demanding situations, the more resistance and acceptance you will build.
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