How to Stay away from ET

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  1. We all know that it's an addiction. And one that detracts to a greater or lesser extent from our trading. My trading therapy clients cite ET as the number one impediment to their progression. So to find out what they mean, and why it is so consuming, I started spending more time here. Now, hooked!

    Since it is a common thread in my clients lives, I decided that group therapy was in order. Out went a blind addressee message, "Bring your laptops at lunch, we're all going group ETing!"

    Let me tell you, it was truly frightening to see seemingly abnormal people transformed into monsters as they surf ET. Each finding his own personal affront or indignation or pet peeve or nemesis. Mad shrieks rent the air:

    "Did you see how I spun up that twitchy moderator? Now I gotta go make a new alias."

    "How dare you doubt my pontifications you little twat! I have been trading longer than you have been alive!"

    "He guys, look at this squirrel shot! Looks like something out of Alien ready to jump down your throat!"

    "Why hasn't Jack posted today? Oh, rats, I put him on ignore yesterday! Can't unignore? That's stupid!"

    "You socialist Republican raghead jew!"

    "Yes! Yes! A fresh noob to abuse! Come help me guys! Pile on!"

    Well, you get the picture. After an unsuitable pause I shall offer you the insights of the group in how to go cold turkey ET.
  2. I wish this wasn't fictional :mad: :(
  3. Feel free to share, my son. Soon I shall set you free. Won't your very last post here feel so good?
  4. zdreg


    to rid yourself of ET addiction make a list of the biggest idiot posters. read them exclusively. then leaving will be easy. of course if you are into comedy and irony reading these idiot posters will only strengthen your addiction.
  5. lol this is great, baron may not approve though ;)
  6. Hmmm. I think there might have been something comedically ironic in your post, but I can't quite grasp it. No matter.

    We will base our therapy upon four facts peculiarly common to all those addicted:

    1 - You are deeply convinced that you have something significant to say

    2 - When you have attempted to share your brilliant insights with others in the past, they have severed all contact

    3 - You now have no one in your offline life to recognize your genius

    4 - You do not find it at all odd that point 3 is the case.
  7. I post with great trepidation that I will only give him ideas for improving the addictiveness of the site.
  8. lollllll
  9. Following the stunning success of the ET group posting lunch, the next day I convened a group discussion of ideas for solutions. I will share these separately, as each is highly idiosyncratic to the psychology of the ET poster who invented it. It seems that all of them had tried once or many times to quit ET. All attempts failed feebly, but the solutions were offered in the spirit of candid sharing that is the hallmark of ET.
  10. You can't get away. I've tried for 10 years...

    Accept it as just another character flaw - in your case, one of MANY. :D
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