How to start up a CTA business as a foreigner?

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  1. Hi,everyone,

    I live in China and have been trading for years,Now,I have developed a relatively stable and profitable strategy and of cause want to start a trading business with it. In 2012,I passed the Series 3,but I am still wondering how to build up a CTA entity as a foreigner.

    Here are my questions,any comments will be greatly appreciated,especially ones from who are Non-US based and successfully built up a CTA entity.

    1,Now I trade with a little money full-time,my plan is that in the first stage I join a so-called Trade Leader Program which will compensate some succeed fees to me until I have enough money to pay the CTA setup and maintaining fees comfortably for two years. It's too idealistic,isn't it? But it seems the only way I can find out now. Anyone has other ways to generate extra income with a mature strategy?

    2,How much will it cost for a foreigner to set up a CTA?I mean,in the first place I won't be able to fully understand and follow the NFA rules to do every aspects of the game,and I surely won't want a fine by the NFA from time to time. So I have to hire an attorney and accountant to do those work for me and in the meantime can learn how to do by myself in the future. My question is that concerning the accuracy and efficiency and of cause cost-efficiency,how much will it cost in total every year?

    3,Does NFA regulate Non-US based company?As far as I can see,I should set up a company first and then register it to NFA as a CTA,right?but will NFA accept foreign company?If it does,what should I do in order to make things more legal in the long term? Anyone has an experience on this?

    Finally,a profitable strategy is just the first step,I want my track records being audited as soon as possible and then can catch other investors' eye,not just trading my own capital and get 20% per year.In short,I want to know how to do this right.

    every insight will be appreciated!

    thank you!
  2. Any comments?