How to start letters in order to aknowledge to your investors...

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  1. that "Rumors" About Losses in your fund Were In Fact "True"....=>


    AQR manager Clifford S. Asness whipped up one of these communiqués on Friday, after one of AQR’s Global Stock Selection funds lost 21 percent year to date, to perfect execution. Take his opening, which is flawless:

    Dear Investors

    Many of you may have heard rumors concerning us over the last few days. If the rumors are that we've had better weeks, then they are accurate. If the rumors are that we are in some pain over the recent widespread quant stock selection woes, then they are accurate. If the rumors are more severe than that, then they are simply false.

    LOL...Ha, ha, ha...Great stuff...this guy impresses me !...What a lordly description of a mess ! :D
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    that is some spin for a message that is essentially "you are so screwed right now"