How to start fixing economy right now!

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    We will start with the airlines -

    Senate To Vote On Bill That Could Kick TSA Out Of Airports

    Federal agency would be forced to consider applications to remove TSA screeners

    Monday, February 6, 2012

    Following House approval of the measure on Friday, the Senate is set to vote today on legislation that would allow U.S. airports to replace TSA workers with screeners from private companies, a move that could spell the beginning of the end for the highly unpopular federal agency’s role in airport security.

    “The U.S. agency must allow airports to switch to private companies for screeners unless it can show the move wouldn’t be cost-effective and would be detrimental to security, according to the legislation, which if passed will go to President Barack Obama for his signature,” reports Businessweek.

    “They’ve been trying to force the door open for several years,” Jeff Price, a Denver-based consultant who has written a textbook on aviation security, said of U.S. lawmakers. “It reverses the burden of proof. It is definitely trying to checkmate the TSA.”

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    I contacted both my senators offices today and told them to support this bill and get rid of the TSA once and for all.
  3. "The Economy"... will NEVER be fixed in the USA. Too late... already past the point of no return.

    We are already on the glideslope path to collapse... only question is "how long does it take?"
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    it's certainly a good thing,let's see, how it's goes. however-i'm a bit skeptical,even if it's pass. expecting something a la halliburton in iraq.
    the winners of those contracts would be private firms,run by same people. if there is a full transparency,honest competition and everything is plain,clear and well defined-i'm for it.
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    good points all - good points!