How to start a Hedge fund?

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  1. I am interested in the hedge fund industry. Does any have advice on if its good to start a hedge fund and how to go about starting a hedge fund? Do you need a college degree to start a hedge fund? any other advice about hedge funds?

    thank you
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    What's your edge in the markets? Trade it for three years with friends and family money to build a trackrecord, then reevaluate.
  3. Why would you in your right mind go into a dying industry where you automatically start off at a disadvantage?
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    if you have to ask the question you don't have enough experience in the industry/life to do anything in this arena.
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    I love this forum.
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    Yea and try and not blow up your girl friends and family's accounts or bad shit happens.
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  7. only good shit happens to hedge fund managers because they don't risk their own money aka bill ackman is a billionare and has lost billions for his clients
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    Ask Marketsurfer, he knows how it works. He can even advice you what you should do when you lose all your clients money and try to get away with it. He has a lot of experience in that.
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    While I don't like BA, the above statement is not really true. Like most hedge fund managers, BA keeps a large portion of his net worth invested in his fund. So if the fund is down money, Bill is down too.
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    Two necessaries in starting a fund --
    1) as mentioned above, a fine-ass record. (Or, the promise of a reasonable expectation of sometimes a profitable period of some indeterminable duration...)
    2) depending on your local jurisdiction:

    Snag one of those 65 books for <$40, and know it backwards and forwards. There's little trading in there, mostly procedural, ethical, legal detail. But you should know it, regardless.
    3) have good genes or, marry well.

    And remember "The way to make a small fortune on Wall Street, is to start with a large one."
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