how to start a conspiracy theory

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  1. Posting this for reasons that may be obvious... to some...
  2. Not sure if you're being sarcastic or not but if you take WHO data (and misc press releases) before and after the conclusions of WHO science is whack.
  3. "how can we blame the oil spill on zionists"

    -they blew up the oil rig in hopes of creating a national outrage over US offshore drilling to give Obama another reason to invade Iran, and control more middle east oil.
  4. I was trying to find the angle of "the inside job" like 911. Maybe Tony Blair couldn't handle all the Obama fingerpointing at his old friend Bush.
  5. The best one I've heard in a while is that GS was short BP at the time of the rig explosion. Therefore, GS blew up the rig and stands to make a lot of dough. Damn those zionist bankers! LOL :D
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    Actually the one I heard is that this disaster was by one of O's acolytes so that he can push thru alternative energies technologies and his carbon cap tax plan without much public anger because...well look, oil is dirty and bad for the environment. Wind and sun are good!

    (and the longer he can keep this in the public eye, the more powerful the argument.)
  7. So what? my science reports in high school were whack before and after I drafted them, and they were still whack when I had to do reports on later science experiments.
    THAT doesnt mean I was trying to make my teacher look bad for having such a failure student in his class in an attempt to get him fired so that my less experienced brother could get a job at the same school as a science teacher for which he would pay me a chocolate bar for helping him get the job.

    NOTE: I actually wasn't a failure student, the above text is just an Analogy
  8. swine flu = cash cow
  9. Troll alert.