How to spot the losing traders in ET...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Nexen, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Nexen


    Here's a starting list a friend emailed me this morning, I found it spot on so had to share.

    1) If the market is uptrending, they constantly complain about how high the market is when the economy is in the dumps

    2) If the market is downtrending, they constantly complain about how low the market is and blame the media.

    3) They constantly predict as if they knew something special.

    4) They laugh during the bear markets, probably cause they didnt make any during the bull and this could be their chance.

    5) They laugh during the bull markets, probably cause they didnt make any during the bear and this could be their chance.

    6) They call tops against the main trend.

    7) They call bottoms against the main trend.

    8) They immediately claim low volume if a new high or new low was placed

    9) They scalp futures and never let a winner run

    10) They pick equities that resemble something they cherish or are a fan of.

    11) Their charts got more indicators than a commercial ad for Ninja Trader

    12) Their data feeds are free or use simulator based platforms to share their charts

    13) They trade earnings or big news announcements before and not after.

    14) They cant' wait for the market to re-open

    15) Holidays piss them off because the market is closed.
  2. Fractal


    Sound, except for 14 and 15.
  3. Lethn


    You forgot to mention that they constantly seem to claim 90% of traders always lose :p
  4. disagre with last two. I would also add that they post lists like the one your posted? :D

    How about options traders?
  5. Nexen


    Or that making consistent returns out of daytrading is not possible.
  6. Sanjuro


    They upgrade to the latest version of TWS, lose money and create a new thread on ET complaining about TWS.
  7. or they name themselves after a natural gas stock..
  8. Always bullish or bearish. Maybe we should coin a new psychological disease: "stopped clock syndrome". All doomsayers, gold bugs, and Kudlow fans would be automatically diagnosed with this. The rest would have to be diagnosed on a case-by-case basis.
  9. joe4422


    It's not 90% it's 92% and that's a cold true fact. That's average over a longer term period, not just month by month
  10. Lethn


    Did you know that 95.5% of all statistics are made up?

    It's true, because I just made one up now.
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