How to spot a paranoid liberal!

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    As I said, you can't label someone as automatically e.g. a burglar for the reason that he does not go round saying "I am a burglar". The point about Marxists, Socialists and Communists is they are committed (and proud maybe) to label themselves as such.

    I don't think Norman Matoon Thomas is going to have time to run against Donald Trump, what with him being busy being dead and all.

    The platform of the US communist party looks very diluted from the full communist manifesto. I don't see them fighting for the violent overthrow through revolution of the capitalist state, nor the state confiscation of all private property and means of production. This could be called pink at the strongest.

    I suppose Lieutenant General Ion Mihai Pacepa has to keep finding such dangerous threats in the US or he would become irrelevant. He is 99 years old and left the Soviet bloc in 1978 so obviously there's someone who's right up to speed on all this.

    Bernie Sanders is a democratic socialist, not really what we're talking about.
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  2. As you're want to argue semantics and labels and as I disagree with you on all points, let's just leave it there.
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  3. Really is a bit easier to argue against a communist...even if none are participating in the discussion.
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    But just to observe a reason why many non-US people in the world get mixed up over which is left and which is right, Republicans or Democrats, is because in the rest of the world they would be pretty much the same thing.
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  5. Republicans and Democraps in America are BOTH Left... DemoCraps just more so.

    America's "Right" are Constitutional conservatives.... what there is remaining of us.
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