How to spin my resume?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Raize, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. Raize


    I've been scalping the DAX futures for the last 6 months. I was just laid off by my company and would like to to continue with a trading job.

    Here's the info that I'm not sure how to deal with:

    - On the whole, I was net negative for the duration of my trading.

    - However, I was net positive for every month in the DAX after 8:30 EST (ie once the US hours and economic releases began).

    - I occasionally position trade stocks (only like 1x a week or so) and have made something like a 40% return.

    What can I say about the overnight hours in which I wasn't successful?
  2. Pekelo


    I think your post belongs to the Posts Hall of Fame. In the Shame section...

    I am amazed just how lazy and/or stupid people are nowadays, that they can't even think of a good lie for themselves.

    Your requests is equivalent of this:" I would like to rob a bank, but don't know how to start. Please advise..."

    How about a reality check, that overall you are not a succesful trader? But since some part of your tradings were actually succesfull, why don't you stick to the position trade and the after 8:30 trades and in another 6 months you would have no reason to lie about your record? Just a thought....
  3. Raize


    I didn't want to lie about it. I just wanted help thinking of a way not to answer the inevitable question in a totally unacceptable fashion.

    This whole resume thing is because I don't have any infrastructure (ie. idea where to start) to trade futures independently, so this post was under the thinking that I wouldn't be able to trade the DAX during the US hours for the next six months.

    Speaking of that, I'm looking up what kind of tools/etc that I can use independently right now.
  4. meskhot


    Easy... Don't be so rude... The guy just begun trading and had 6 difficult months. He will have to explain his first experience in his next interviews...

    Raize, scalping is an extremely difficult job. It is not a shame to be negative after 6 months as long as you are learning. IMHO, you should emphasize a few points :
    * What did you learn from this experience (I think we learn more when losing)
    * Explain the mistakes you made and show that you understand why you lost
    * Define your trading strategy
    * Stress how you intend to use money management

    Don't talk about your equity trades if you want to be taken seriously. Anybody can come and tell how he's done 60% with XXx is his PA.
    I doesn't make you a good trader.

    Good Luck
  5. wapman


    Was wondering...why should one not talk about equity trades? do prop firms dislike equity daytraders? if so,why?