How to spend 115million

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  1. Let's say I inherited 115 million after taxes I assume it's going to be about 50m give or take...

    Either way if I was to SAFELY invest this and live off the interest while still having the capital grow. What are some reasonable and believable figures that I can then bring to my hypothetical accountant firm?

    Please and thank you
  2. Yer deedn't jest ween ze lodderie deed ya?
  3. No I didn't just win the lottery.
  4. Werent you the same person who posted this :/

    So this whole time you had a family member who was worth 115 mil+ but you had to help out ur family with your great trading skills

    Instead of worrying about spending fake non-existent money, you need to go back and wait with your dad in the unemployment line
  5. Even if you come back and say this is a hypothetical its still fucking stupid because it has a 0 chance of happening unless what you meant to say was

    guys, when i make 150 mil trading BAC stocks whats the best way to....
  6. 1) The estate pays the estate taxes. You, the beneficiary, do not also pay any other taxes on the distribution.
    2) You could make an assumption of an 8% annual rate of return with dividend paying stocks. Granted, it's a "volatile" rate of return with no guarantee of measuring up to the norm over time. :cool:
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    China, india, brazil, gold, silver, Agriculture. Done
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    By the way, be careful what you say here. If there is a good hacker around here you'd be in for a surprise or two down the road. You would be surprised how relatively easy it is for a good hacker to ruin your life in about 5 hours.
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    But tryin'....

    Mega Millions:

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  10. The hypothetical part no one understood apparently
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