how to spam&market on ET and get away with it.

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  1. Among many of the blind spots ET has, is you can promote & market yourself as long as you don't do it directly. Many will complain and report this, but the ET mods turn a blind eye to this. You see the Terms of Service apply to SOME people. But others start threads, promote themselves constantly, "teach" and do article writing in the name of "helping."

    Now here we have a blatant example of spamming, yet ET will do little or nothing, and we will confuse "giving back" with "spamming, promoting & marketing." For example, today:

    under careertrader --> oneline mentor (from BRANDONF): I think that Bo Yoder has been considering doing something like your talking about, but we'd want to get a group of 15/20 people and it would probably be a $2000/$3000 program. It takes a lot of time/effort on his part to do it, and a lot of time/effort on my part also to put together the material to sell it. I just put together one for marketing folks, it was the first one I've ever did and I'm not a "big name guru" in the marketing world..mostly I work with clients and don't sell courses..but I couldnt believe how much work it was. It brought in nearly $50,000 for me, but I doubt I will do one again as it was a ton of work and distracted me greatly from everything else I'm doing. Obviously your interested in trading, not marketing..but the point is that it's a ton of work for someone to put on what your asking for. I suspect that's why it's very rare.

    Um, where does Brandon expect to get 15-20 people to sell to, except that he is really expecting some PMs and will of course, roll something out to "help" these people for only $2/3,000 each??

    Since brandon USED to be a sponsor, apparently that allows lifetime privileges.

    Can EliteTrader ONCE AND FOR ALL, clearly list why some may spam and others may not?

    Odds are that the ET owners will ignore this note, and let it sink into oblivion. That is easier than enforcing the spirit of the law (TOS).
  2. Agreed.

    There appears to be all sorts of TOS violations on this web-site, but they appear to be conveniently ignored. ET could be a much better web-site, providing a much higher quality of content, but I'm afraid that management's priority is the generation of web-activity, with no real concern about content because in many respects, the TOS gets in the way of generating web-activity.

    This issue was recently driven "home" to me when I notified Baron and Joe of a poster that frequents the "Politics and Religion" forum with numerous RACIST posts.

    One would have thought that such a concern would be replied to, and done so in a professional manner.

    No reply.
    No apparent concern.

    Thus, given management's lack of concern and reply, I am under the impression that ET condones RACISM.

    And in all my years as an ET member, I've also never scene the kind of frequent use of profanity as has occured in the last six months. But apparently that kind of vocabulary and speech is condoned as well, on ET.

    Given the above, I would agree with the OP that the "TOS" is essentially meaningless.
  3. Or you can just throw money at Baron and have someone like Alex rip off people left right and centre.. and the overt racism is disgusting and an indictment on Baron and this site.. I don't know how these people can look in the mirror :confused:
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    I'd be happy to let Baron or Joe or anyone else look into my PM box and see that I'm not replying to people who are asking about trading services I promote.
  5. that does not change the constant self-marketing. This one was particularly inappropriate
  6. Brandonf

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    I bet Baron would be in real trouble if he didnt have you around to help him run his business. He should give ya an award for doing your part to make ET a better place.
  7. TraderZones wants nothing more in life than to be made an ET Mod!

  8. Brandonf

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    Strikes me as that way..somewhat like a guy who hangs out with the mafia spending his entire life dreaming about the day he becomes "made".
  9. Only WAY less cool :D

  10. He should give you an award for trying to figure out how to profit at ET's expense, and thumbing your nose at people who actually pay for the right to promote themselves.

    Apparently, "ethical" is not in your vocabulary. But keep chuckling. Silly me for pushing people and this site to do the right thing. Apparently, theft of services does not bother you in the least.

    Steal. Robbery. Theft. These are the verbs you like after your name? How about some adjectives: disreputable, unreliable, shifty, deceptive, unethical, sleazy, conniving, etc.? Is this the company you like to keep?

    Honor. Being a good person. Being respected. An example. Paying your way. Decency. Not screwing over others on a technicality. You ever heard of these concepts, Brandon? How about you pay Baron NOW (not "I was a sponsor in the past") to constantly promote yourself, since you claim the 10s of thousands of $$$ coming your way?

    By the way, did you shoplift a few things from the store last time you went? Laugh at them for not doing anything about it?

    Get away with tax evasion - is it a thrill, or is it just a way to save money?

    As a person with health issues, I feel really bad for you. As for your reputation and what you represent, I hope none of my friends or family EVER follow your example. You are a slimeball huckster.
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