how to solve overtrading?

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  1. I am doing a lot of rt's a day, while a lot of the trades are just bs-trades. Because some trades are very nice winners, I think I can afford just to take any possible trade.

    Anybody had the same problem and was able to solve it? I am curious to hear how you did it, what "methods" you applied to keep yourself from overtrading.

    At the moment I am trading the eurostoxx 50, doing about 100 rt's a day. about 20 of them are winners, some very big winners, all the others are mostly very small losses.

    I am interested to hear what you have to say,
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    Hey if you're ahead and in the money keeping losses to minimum, then whats wrong.
  3. unfortunately the winners don't pay for the losers
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    Idiots and malicious people tell you that the PDT rule is helpful to void overtrading. Do you believe them?


    I control myself but not anyone else.
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    You know, the PDT rule is bullshit.


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    Sit on your hands
  7. Cut them off ...
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    Stop trading halfway during the day and play with your dick instead.
  9. You may not be over trading. This market seems to kill any momentum leaving one to believe they are over trading. I've noticed in my own trading that some of my trades aren't moving as well as they use to making me feel like maybe I'm over trading. Many times I'll exit with a 5 cent profit as I see the stock pulling back in after being in the money. I also know that the momentum isn't there like it use to be. So, I'll have 3-7 trades a day that just break even after commish.
  10. That was really unnecessary:( :( :( :(
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