How to shut out emotions- my 3rd day

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    Nice name by the way. Try scanning for stocks right below or at new highs, they will definitely be in uptrend. are the best free screen that I found so far. Just set a "user defined variable" at (Price High - Price) and sort it by the lowest number. Stocks at 0.00 will be at or making new highs, but anything below will be quite near it and uptrending.

    Hope this helps,

    P.S. I would also use feature from called "watch list" I think this will fit 250 stocks at maximum, and allows you to see a small chart of all 250 stocks on one screen. So all you have to do is scroll down and you'll find reasonable set ups in just few minutes.
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  2. Harry


    When I glanced over my last posting I recognized that I have to clarify it a bit - I had two bad days in a row and needed some distance from the markets - so I thought, perhaps I would papertrade a bit - that seems like being the opposite of my opinion written in my last posting - BUT:
    - I don't think papertrading is useless - I even consider it very important when learning a new pattern or when you are a daytrading beginner - BUT: Don't think, if you're doing well in papertrading, you will do as well in real trading - that's the main point !
    - Since I am mainly a swingtrader (at least I try to be), I can "backtest" my strategies with daily charts - I only use intraday charts to time my entry and exit, because I want to use quite tight stops - which leads to great days when the market moves in one direction the whole day (like Wednesday) - and chops me to death when just moving sideways (like today and yesterday) - that should be the time of "real" intradaytraders ! So the point is: if my setups do not work properly, intraday papertrading won't help me very much, because I just will limit my losses (and there will be plenty of them).

    Just my opinion !


    PS: I thought aboubt papertrading - but then I thought that today is the last day of the week and I just will go on the way I used to - and I turned my loss into a small profit on the little ralley of the markets - so that's another point: stick to your plan - if the plan is worth it :)
    But I think most of you know all that - because when I look through the postings here I see many traders who seem to be very experienced !
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