How to setup minimum execution shares in IB

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    I'm with IB now. Sometimes a limit order is only partially filled a couple of shares, but it sill cost $1.00. How do I setup a minimum execution shares for an order? For example, I want it be at least 100 or none.
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    when u send an order under advanced, check All Or None
  3. that would work but these days the way the HFTs play partial fills are part of the game. Leave your order resting and most will be filled or just try to lift offers or hit bids. The odd extra $ you may have to pay if you don't get a complete fill or need to modify your price isn't worth worrying about. If that really is an issue, you need to reconsider if you should be trading. ie. if you are comfortable with the orders you place you should be able to earn more than $1 on partial fills. The opportunity cost of placing an All or None and missing a trade should be your concern.
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    HFTs have nothing to do with quantities of partial lots.

    As far as IB (or *any* platform) goes, show me a screen shot that shows a single order being billed multiple times, and I'll believe it.

    (Take another look -- you're doing alright.:D)

    (one more thing.....)
    As far as All-or-None goes? Think about it: if the OP has partial-fill questions, they are likely a newb trader in a thin market. Utilizing All-or-None in that case guarantees them not to be filled unless the market moves muchly, and their offer is now hitting the other side of the bid-ask spread [and *still* may not be filled]. This demands a new choice in the target market, not a second bite at this shriveled apple.
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  5. "HFTs have nothing to do with quantities of partial lots."

    Really? To what do you attribute the epic # of 1 lots and assorted garbage.

    It could be a lot of things , but why omit HFT as partial culprit?