How to set up a PING test

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  1. I'm interested in knowing how long it takes round trip to send/receive data. How would I test how long it takes on IQ FEED, or the genesis data feed.

    I looked on the internet and found that you can do a PING test by going to START >> RUN typing in "CMD" then "PING",and that works. However could i use a ping test to set what I want?

  2. You can set up a continuous ping test by using the -t option. For example:
    ping -t

    However, it should be noted that not all websites configure their equipment to respond to icmp pings. Sites such as and have icmp response disabled to prevent abuse. This is also true of many brokerages.

    Also if a web service provider finds that you are continuously pinging their equipment, thereby chewing up their resources; they may very well add an access list to prevent pinging from your IP address.

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  3. If ping fails, try to use tracert on Windows, or traceroute/tracepath on Unix to get a feeling how far the remote host is.
  4. Please remember www.companycom might not be the actual location of where your service is coming from. The best way is to sniff the packets going to and from your machine while your receiving a feed this will allow you to see the actual servers IP that's providing the feed to your host.

    Their web server that's server up information about their company could be coming from California and their market data feed servers could be located in NYC or NJ.

    On UNIX you can use tcpdump on Windows a free opensource product called wireshark can do this.
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  6. Forget all of these ping test websites.
    Just go into your DOS prompt and type "tracert" then a space, and then the IP address of your data-feed and see how many hops, latency there is, etc.
  7. I use Nullsoft's Netmon which leaves a little graphical window on my desktop and pings at the frequency I choose. In fact I have two of them, one pinging IB's hong kong server and the other pointing at the east coast server.

    Lets me see graphically if anything is out of square.

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