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  1. Ok, i learned how to use a pc when futures went electronic to cut commissions and for speed of single click trading.

    Here is the question: I have 3 separate pc's used daily with a router. One is Win 2000 Pro, that one is used for e-mail and web browsing. Second and third are used separate each for charts and other for order entry, both are Win XP Pro SP2.

    Ok, then to the question: When Vista comes out and i install it on a newly built pc is there a way i could get one copy of VISTA to SERVE all 4 machines?......The 3 older ones and the new one.

    I feel this must be possible....BUT....will it require me to buy a server instead of a regular pc or what?

    I just do not want to buy 4 copies of VISTA, Bill has enough money. thanks..............:D :)
  2. Did some goggling on this subject: Might be a can of worms best left alone. Maybe i will go to Borders books and check this all out.

    i want to continue being a trader, not turn into a computer nerd.......:D But always willing to learn some new stuff.
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    Things are changing quickly for the better. I would hold on and let the new technology roll-out.
  4. Not positive, but I don't think one copy of the OS can be distributed to other PC's on your net - otherwise how's Bill going to make his next gazillion, right?:p

    Running applications on a Vista server and exporting the screens to your other PC's can probably be done using VNC (free), assuming no Vista conflicts, but that means all applications are running in the 1 server and you are only remotely accessing that server from another pc, not really running the app on your non-Vista machine (so beef-up that server if you get one).

    Intel dual-core technology is supposed to do in hardware what VM software let you do - run multiple OS's on 1 machine - but I assume you have to have legit numbers of copies of each OS in the first place - otherwise you would be able to run multiple instances of the same copy of Vista on your dual-core server and access each OS individually thru VNC on your other PC's. Everything would still really be running in the powerhouse server, but if one instance of an OS crashed, at least the others would be protected and not crash too (in theory anyway).
  5. Thks, i see now where i prolly was HOPING i could get away with just one copy of VISTA. I will as suggested wait and see how this rolls out.
  6. One copy of Vista Server will probably cost at least 4X what a single copy of Vista would cost. If you really have a problem with spending a few hundred bucks for operating systems, you might want to look into Linux. But if it costs you 30 or 40 hours in time to implement, divided into cost of new op sys, isn't your time worth more than that. And no one is forcing you to get Vista anyway. XP should be good for at least another 3 or 4 years min.
  7. bundlemaker

    money is not a problem, i was just thinking there must be a better way. Well Bill gates is no fool either.....LOL

    As i now look at this server thing, for what i use pc's for and what i would use them for in the future, i am probably off just doing as i have been.

    True, no one is forcing me to go to VISTA, BUT, i am one who will always be a new early adapter on at least one machine. My win2k pro machine runs just as good as the xp pro ones.

    Thks for the help.....and i am looking forward to VISTA....It's been a long wait......:D
  8. Just a suggestion:
    Why not look into switching to Linux where it's all free, not to mention all the other benifits of OpenSource?
  9. I think i will do that, might be a good ides. We all have free time to explore. Might just be an answer for down the road. .............:)
  10. Ok, I've been doing computers (teckie) for over 18 years, let's see what I can say that might help out here.

    First yes, you can get one copy of software and then get separate licenses for each machine from Microsoft. Each machine will have its own legal setup for upgrades and the like.

    Second, you can also go over to eBay and procure several copies of Windows software in whatever flavor (2000, XP) that you'd like. Please understand that everyone there is not trying to rip you off so you can validly get what you'd like. I, would happily help if you'd like (PM Me if eBay purchases is a option that you 'd like help with).

    Third, never, never allow yourself to become a beta test site for new OS software. Vista will need at least six months (if everything goes well) of debugging before I would recommend the better users to even consider setting up a test platform for it.

    Now as servers go, this might be a fun pursuit for you while you wait for Vista to get itself into shape. You can easily pick up a server for $500 or so (again, eBay) and get yourself a "FREE" copy of Microsoft Server 2003 Enterprise Edition. This will give you six months to ~ play! You can then decide whether or not to port over and go the server route.

    You can allow the server to be a data backup platform, database home, or many other fun and imaginative outlets that you might want to play with. :p
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