How to set permanently Task Manager Affinity CPU

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  1. I can't find the couple of posts ( remember something about them...) that listed the 1-2 utilities that allow the Windows user to set permanently (keep the settings even after a boot) the CPU affinity options on Task Manager processes.

    Any help, please?

    Thank you!
    Fabulous. Never crashes....and just keeps doing the job.
    WARNING: setting affinity with dual / quad processors at this point could be risky:
    Software needs to be written to handle this option.
    THIS IS A HUGE ISSUE right now with all Windows software.
    It's called "parallelization"....tough to say, TOUGHER TO DO.
    See recent article in Dr. Dobb's magazine...
    This is complex, complex stuff !
  3. Thank you for the link; according to the description the software manages the processes priority, not the affinity.

    About affinity you wrote:
    >>Software needs to be written to handle this option.
    THIS IS A HUGE ISSUE right now with all Windows software.>>

    Do you mean that essentially Windows OS shows an option (Set affinity in Task Manager) but then the user should not touch it bc the OS virtually runs the things better?
  4. Sometimes concurrent programming is complex and sometimes not - it depends on whether the application can be split into pieces that can be executed independently of each other.

    Any programmer with an adequate education (eg Bachelors degree in CS) should be able to deal with the issues, many of which have been understood for decades and did not spring into existence with the advent of PCs with multi-core CPUs. In other words it's not rocket science.

    Of course there is research going on into better programming languages for handling parallelization, but issues with MS software are much more likely due to MS sitting on it's hands than anything else.
  5. I tested it....and it does have a PERSISTENT affinity setting. The docs are probably just not up to date.