How to set a headless service using IB API?

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  1. Leon Qiu

    Leon Qiu

    I have tried TWS and IB gateway , but they all are base on the GUI to configure and restart. I wonder how to set a headless service using IB API without GUI ?
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    Using IBC. Settings are stored on server.
  3. Leon Qiu

    Leon Qiu

  4. My two cents are don't use IBC as it adds a level of complexity that is unwarranted. Instead, use IB in a docker environment, configure IB to restart automatically every evening and use VNC to log in once a week:
  5. How does this package handle the two factor authentication? For example the challenge-response sequence?
  6. I just get a ping on my phone and log in there.
  7. Does this mean that you don't need access to your computer to complete the login? You receive a message on your phone and reply on your phone to complete the login procedure? Or do you still need to have access to your computer?

    By the way: you mentioned in a previous post that you don't like to use IBC, as it "adds a layer of complexity". However, your Docker solution is using IBC. So implicitly you are using it.
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  8. I need access to the computer to enter the username/password. For me, it's not a big deal, I do it over the phone if I am not at the computer. I just don't feel secure leaving the username/password unencrypted at rest even with 2FA.

    Regarding the link to the project, you're right. I used that as a base and made my own dockerfile so I removed IBC.
  9. By the way, this could be a good approach eventually:

    I could possibly also use it to parameterize algorithms.
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