how to scalp e-minis on your own?

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  1. Hi,

    I'm a former e-mini scalper who used to trade at a chicago prop firm. Some while back, I decided to leave because of some personal reasons and took a hiatus from trading. (Leaving was of my own volition, I was a profitable trader.) Now I feel that I have taken a long enough break, and want to get back into the game.

    I feel confident enough in my trading abilities to put my own money in and just trade that and keep 100% of the profits instead of letting a firm take a cut. I have enough capital to trade the size that I would like. However, I would like everyone's input as to how I go about doing this. (All I really learned at my previous firm was how to make money, which, imho, is the most important lesson.)
    Basically, which places do I go to set up such a situation? Keep in mind, I scalp the minis, so I need a very specific setup and infrastructure and low round-trip commissions. I also would be okay with discovering some prop firms that scalp minis and payout a large percentage cut. Obviously, salary is not necessary. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  2. Try leasing a CME seat. All details are listed on their site.

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    I could walk you through most of what you need to do.However, I think you should get in touch with Advantage Futures.They will be able to go through every detail with you from what type of box you need to leasing a seat,if that makes sense for you,to the best front end, literally every detail.

    They are not the only firm that can help you but I know some of the guys over there and can vouch for them.The back office and infrastructure are very good.

    Will PM you with a name later.