How to Scalp Any Market & Profit Consistently

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stocon, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. stocon


    I 'm interested in purchasing or trading the How to Scalp Any Market & Profit Consistently course or book by Vadym Graifer.
    please PM if interested
  2. how recent is that book ? what market does it cover ?
  3. Threei


    NASDAQ equities. And to be clear, it's not a standalone book, it's a printed part of videocourse
  4. The videos are great. Make you feel as if you are sitting there with Vad.
    If you just got the book. Go get the videos!

  5. I'm looking for something similar but teaches emini trades. Anybody know of any videos?
  6. Threei showed up as fast as pop-up windows :p

    Don't garbage in your time with these stuff