How to scale/what to do next?

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    That's an interesting theory. Where did you hear that? I haven't read that anywhere on the net. I think the bots were well alive and on during that time thus the EXAGGERATED moves. Bots probably kept selling which induces other bots to sell which induces trend followers to sell which induces panic selling from the longs or some combinations of the above.

    That's my guess. If you have a link to an article that said the bots were turned off I would love to hear that.

    Either, I'm happy of my big profits. I hope the profits continue....
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    Daytrading is a rather expensive education. I would say in some way more expensive than my top tier private college education! But after having learnt it, my execution is rather precise. Much more so than a regular swing trader. I enter at a price that's pretty close to optimal most of the time. Not all of the time obviously..

    Great point.
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