How To Save precious Time Otherwise Spent Watching Obama

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  1. Time is truly our most precious commodity. You cannot purchase it, you cannot borrow it and when yours is up, there is nothing you can do but lament the time you wasted in your life.

    Sadly, our president has developed the habit of going on TV to make speeches virtually every day. This is annoying for two reasons. One, the networks slavishly cut away to his speeches, interrupting our enjoyment of Jerry Springer, various soaps and Sandford and Son reruns. Two, the sheer time this man spends saying pretty much the same thing over and over again wastes that most precious asset, our time.

    I personally deal with this dilemma by just saying no and refusing to watch. I realize some of you however are worried that you might miss something important, even historic, in one of our dear leader's daily harangues. Theerefore, because I am here to give back, I will summarize the essential points made in each and every Obama speech:

    "1. The problem we are experiencing with [fill in disaster du jour] is the fault of [George Bush administration, republicans in congress, Tea Party terrorists, evil ccorporations(except for GE), Wall Street or the NRA--select appropriate scapegoat]. I had nothing to do with it."

    2. "The solution to [see 1 above] is [shared sacrifice, a balanced approach, fairness--select one] involving [tax reform, revenue enhancement, elimination of tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires--select any two]."

    3. "Some have suggested we should just [insert clearly ridiculous false alternative], but I feel there is a beter way. We must [repeat item 2 above]. That is fair."
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    The advantage of you watching is that the Bush Trade has now become the Obama Trade.

    If you recall, toward the end of Bush's term, each time he appeared on TV it was a sure thing to just short the market.

    Same thing now.

    Sad, and bad for Obama. Good for nimble traders.

    Maybe we can ask the White House communications staff just to schedule him each day at, say, about 14:00.
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    very funny observation.
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    Maybe we could have him followed by Bernanke for a real rout once a week.

  5. :) :)
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  7. My wife wanted to watch him today when we were in the same room. No way. I delete him every time he has a chance of being seen.

    Try it. The hard part is changing the channel during the build-up to the speech.

    Somehow, you start to feel better. I haven't heard him speak in about a year.