How to save America....

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Mvic, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Mvic


    1)raise interest rates sharply and strengthen USD as much as possible
    2)sell all assets to foreigners and buy oil and any other commodity that industry needs and has intrinsic value, create massive stockpiles of grain etc
    3)accelerate borrowing to even insaner levels to fund a massive debtors bailout, pay off everyone cc's and mortgage, free healthcare for all (giving the docs great reimbursment) upgrade all schools low income housing, infrastructure, massive energy investment in solar and wind buildout and plugin technology etc, and pay teachers triple what they get now, cops double etc go in to huge(r) debt with a massive build out of useful stuff
    4)lower interest rates to 0
    5) pay off debt at pennies on today's $ and then do a Chavez and nationalize everything that foriegners bought in no 2 with now worthless USD
    6) pull a Chinese and sell all assets back to people with foreigners being disqualified from owning US assets until all have been distributed to American people.
    7) back to free markets again, America and American's debt free, owning all the assets, and having made a massive investment in our economy and population care of the rest of the world.