How to run two or more wireless mice to the same computer?

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  1. At the trading office, we, the traders, share realtime charts at a big flat screens (one computer and screen for each commodity).

    Sometimes we want to switch views, zoom in/out, etc. So we have to stand up and go to each computer.

    How can we have several wireless mice (one for each trader) to manage a single computer?
    Not at the same time, we only change chart views a few times a day.
  2. plug two units into two different ubs slots.

    I think as long as you are only using one at a time, they will not conflict.

    Occasionally, I have both a wired mouse and a wired pen tablet both connected, only the one I use is active, the other doesn't conflict.
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    How about just passing the wireless mouse back and forth?
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    If dtrader98's solution doesn't work you can try to connect only one receiver device to the pc and setting all mice to the same channel.

    In our office we have interference prolems with using more than one wireless mouse. If my collegue moved his mouse my cursor was moving too. This is why I guess the above can work.
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  6. Isn't sourceforge sweet!
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    I use synergy to control both my computers with 1 mouse and keyboard and it's a great little program (you can even transfer a clipboard of text to the other). I've never tried more than 2 mice/keyboards to one computer, but the way it would have to work is you'd run multiple clients on the main computer and create a server on each trading computer with a unique name.

    Also, I am pretty sure that with 1 receiver you can connect multiple mice simutanously of the same brand (not necessarily model) to that receiver. My logitech receiver accepts 3 different logitech mice I have.
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    as the previous poster suggested, synergy probably won't work for this situation.

    The purpose of a KVM is to make a single mouse/KB control multiple computers. The OP is trying to do just the opposite i.e. controling one computer with multiple mouse/KB.

    If it is a small number of people using the computer, I would suggest the "just plug in multiple mouse" option.
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    just set up each of the charting computers to accept rdp(remote desktop) connections from anyone else on the network. Free and easy.
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    best suggestion thus far.

    Heck, if you use VNC you can set it up so that both people can even be logged in at the same time. However, VNC is a lot more CPU intensive than Remote Desktop in my experience.
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