how to run a cicd pipeline for ninjatrader

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by junkone, Nov 19, 2021.

  1. junkone


    After struggling with coding errors impacting trading, i have started separating dev and prod setups. My current setup is
    1. dev (separate ninjatrader instance running on sim, connection replay)
    2. test(separate ninjatrader instance running on sim, connection paper trade)
    3. prod(separate ninjatrader instance running on broker a/c)

    i plan to host the code on git. currently i copy/paste the code across environments. Is there a systematic way of using a cicd pipeline. I would use some ideas and if there a working model, pl share.
  2. WiktorK


    You could use Jenkins pipeline triggered by git pull-request merge for example, but it seems like an overkill if you are doing this on yourself. Rundeck is a lighter alternative

    Maybe some simple scripts (ssh+scp / anisble)?
  3. 2rosy


    clone the repo into 3 different dirs and checkout the branch you want to run

    or use github's builtin actions