How to retrieve stock data in Excel

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  1. Hey, do you know whether there is a free Excel addon which can retrieve stock data from Yahoo Finance (or other sources)?

    I would like to retrieve stock data of a specific date. For example, when I input this function "=getclose(MSFT, 2007-01-01)", it will get the closing price of MSFT on 2007 Jan 01.

    Thanks a lot.
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  4. possibly ?...

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  5. I can only retrieve stock quotes using its specially layout Excel. I would like to retrieve stock quotes anywhere (eg by typing a function).
    And I can't see it tells me how to retrieve stock quotes of specific date only (not just today).
  6. It seems better, but I can't retrieve stock quotes from anywhere.
    And how can I retrieve stock quotes of many tickers in a quick way?

    For example I would like to get the closing price after the first month the stock goes public. But they can't do it.
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    this is just example for you. i'm pretty sure, that if you modify that macro you can get those quotes. i can do it in 30-45 min, but i'm too lazy. just like you are
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