How to reset IB paper trading account.

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    I want to reset my IB paper trading account back to one mil(or lower if its possible).So at the end of the year its easy to tell how I have done.Does anyone know how to do this.I logged into account management and went to paper trading where it states my paper account is active but there was no way to alter anything about it.:confused:

    ps,I got it up $600k trading futures but I still dont have the bottle to use the strategy in my real account.:(
  2. Go to trading access in a/c management and reset is there.
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    Go to trading access in a/c management and reset is there.

    osho,as I stated in my opener,I did exactly that.There is nothing that can be reset there.Since you obviously have done it,could you please be specific about what is missing from my page.The page states my user name and account number and states the account is open.There is nothing else.Please tell me what else you see in your account.
  4. look under trading access in account management
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    ps:I have no flash player installed.IB wouldnt use flash player in account management would they?
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    look under trading access in account management

    I went there using a different browser.There is still nothing there that can be reset.:confused:
  7. nonam,

    when I click on "trading access", I read "Paper Trading Account Reset"
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    thanks for that.I am not getting that but thanks to you I now know what is missing.
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    Lost a mil already?
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    Make sure you are logged in to your paper account.
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