How to reduce latency for trading in China for DAS trader?

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    Dear All, I believe someone else also has this issue and I try to solve it and discuss it with you guys. I hope you can share some experience, thanks very much.


    I wish to use DAS, there are these issues:
    1.The latency is around 250ms-300ms depends on time and condition.
    2.The chart lag or freeze for one to nine minutes, especially for symbols that were traded in large volume when it volatile, such as the market open.
    3.The order server seems much better than the quote server. Delay is not so obvious.

    Background Info:
    1. Location: Hangzhou, China.
    2. Local networks seem OK, 500MB bandwidth.
    3. I consider using DAS trader, Sterling Trader Pro, IB TradeWorkStation.
    4. Manually high frequency, 100+ trades per day. I will switch to machine trading in few months, but now I still need to test and improve my strategy manually.
    5. Precision execution is quite important for me. So hotkey and latency are important for me.
    6. I had consulted with Das trader, their server all in the US, and sterling may have servers in Asia.

    Possible Solutions:
    1. Setup a VPS and run DAS in VPS, then remote control to place an order. It can solve the charting delay issue. The risks are:
    1.1. If lost remote control connection, reconnect takes few mins, at least 1-3 mins based on my test.
    1.2 Remote control and place order in remote machine operation lags also, it will slow down the order placing process, especially when I need to revise the price many times.
    2. Run DAS in my local machine and only use level 1 data, use other charing software to get real-time data, then use hotkey to revise price quickly. Only use DAS to execute orders.

    1. Which platform is suitable for my situation?
    2. How do you solve the latency and lag problem for DAS trader if you are outside US, especially in China?
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  2. maxinger


    chart lag / freeze problem

    there are two possible causes :

    1. Lousy internet
    Then change the ISP

    2. Lousy charting software.
    Some software uses a higher level of security and ended up lagging / freezing problem.
    Some software is simply poorly coded.

    I tried various software before.
    some freezes for almost half an hour during the opening without fail (this company is still around!),
    some freezes when there is heavy traffic especially during the opening,
    some never freeze.

    So go and evaluate various charting software.

    Trading platform

    as above, some of them are very slow with thousands of disconnects.
    some use tons of computer power.
    some are very fast but you have to pay for the platform

    Go and evaluate the various platforms.

    No particular recommendation as I don't reside in China.
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  3. ZBZB

    ZBZB would solve the latency problem but I don’t think it will ever be available in China.
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  5. virtusa

    Starlink is NOT better than high-end fiber or fiber/coax offered by cable companies. Where population is sufficiently dense, fiber will remain the connection of choice; I will get a fiber connection as soon as I can. But fiber won't be everywhere. We need connectivity for years, if ever. If Starlink can scale, it can be a big part of bringing all rural America online.
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    You don't need 400Mb for trading. Overshoot.
    You need reliability (no loss of packets) and low latency.
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    you are argumentative. Watch the starlink videos on YouTube. People are ecstatic that they have got fast low latency internet in the middle of nowhere.
  9. virtusa


    In the middle of nowhere.

    The large majority does not need starlink.
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    Let the peasants in the country stay in the past.
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