How to read OrderID numbers?

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  1. I would like to know how to read the OrderId number. Seen a couple of months ago a manual for this, but lost the link and cannot find it again.

    Anyone could give me some insight in this? Thanks
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    Don't understand the question. Your question is no difference on asking people how to read Walmart receipt


    best to ask your broker just like walmart shoppers asking walmart customer svc on how to read the receipt.

    Hope this help
  3. :D

    Ok. I would like to decipher the orderid number of my blotter. I know that this ID contains the venue of execution, and the parties involved on this, so I would like to know how to check that info.
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    ask your broker unless u are planning to commit

    Fictitious Trade
  5. LOL I wanna check my broker numbers to see if everything is fine, that´s why I´m asking here.

    I´ve seen some delays with some routes, and would like to see wtf is happening there.

    I´ve seen a PDF with the details of the OrderID, with broker codes, etc. But damn, i´ve spended 2 hrs and cant find it -___-
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    if you can name your broker first and post some screenshoots-that would be a good starting point. otherwise-your post make no sense,just like emg said. not sure about your broker orderid's,but mine are pretty straightforward combination numbers with incremental value of take a hard guess.... 1
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    exactly. no wonder 90% lose huh? cause some of them don't know how to interpret the f** numbers :)
  8. Ok, an example order ID


    What do each number symbolizes?.
    I´m not searching for "translation",but for a guide to understanding this number, in general.

    Ok, I supposte that I would need to dig again in exchanges sites until I find the PDF that I´ve been talking about...
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  10. If you are talking about the order ID that shows up from your broker in the "receipt" for your trade, you'll have to ask your broker.

    Most likely it means nothing at all, and is just a guaranteed-to-be-unique sequence number.
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