How to reach for investors?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by vagroupnet, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. I think I need some help here.

    It seems all investors are looking for good trader with consistent track record for several years.

    I was trading with 2 of mine partners and we have been doing this for 2 years on account of one Russian investor. Recently because of disagreements inside of our team we decided to split up.

    I opened account at OANDA and started to look for investors. I tried to posting on Forex related forums info about my services but I found it is illegal. You can post only your thoughts there.

    Anyway, 5 investors with $100 each - that’s all I’ve got after 1 month. Most of the visitors are other money managers that are looking to compare results with their own.

    Please help me with (advice/contacts/urls) how trader can get to real investors. There must be a way! Some kind of trader incubators, showcases, ranking sites where investors do look for traders. If you are investor – please share with how and where do you look for traders.

    I don’t like to chat about FOREX on forums, I don’t sell signals, I don’t want to quit my job, I don’t want work in investment bank, I don’t want to relocate - all I want to trade account of my own + accounts of other investors.

    Thanks God, recently I was contacted by one CTA saying that they scout for traders like me. I have big hopes about it. Actually this was inspiration to this thread.

    I will consider any help and willing to share in profits for this.

    Andrew Vorobyov
  2. Daal


    can you make 40% a month?give me the account number and I will wire

  3. This is another type of investors that come visit my site.

    To Daal:

    Unfortunately, I can't do less then 1653% per minute. It will distort my trading style.
  4. dabao91


    can you make 40% a month?give me the account number and I will wire

    40% per month?
  5. dylan57


    Im am trying to look for investors also. I have one and may have a couple of others too( family).Some one told me you have to have a license to manage other people's money, is this true?
  6. dylan57


    How do you just get contacted by the CTA? HOw did they find about you?
  7. I told on forum if it is legal to trade USA funds without license. They saw my post.
  8. seadog


    This info. is 2 years old but I think it still applies.
    If you have fewer than 15 investors, and manage less than $150,000 you do not have to be registered as a CTA.
    I would be more concerned about soliciting funds, without being registered.