How to raise money?

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    Hi, I'm interested in OPM for the reason that I'm a trader myself, but unable to raise sufficient money to really "go do it".

    I have been trading successfully for a year now, but only small dough and I need the cash for a living...

    Anyone thinks he/she can come up with a deal let me know :)
  2. That's a good question.

    I'm also interested in ideas about this.
  3. Lucrum


    Get appointed to the board of directors for a failing company and receive millions in bonuses from TARP money.

    Win a lottery

    Get a fucking job (yuck)

    Steal it (seems to work for other people)

    Inherit it (may require killing a rich relative)

    Smuggle drugs into the country (good pay but don't get caught)

    Become a rock star (get your money for nothing and ...)

    Invent cold fusion

    Become a part time male prostitute (double yuck)

    "Invest" in a U.S. Senate seat and receive bribes until your hearts content

    Find oil in your back yard

    Have your ex-wife killed (no income but it would be fun)

    Sell a kidney

    Start a unique and sell it for millions

    Move back in with your parents, work two jobs and save every dime

    Get photos of Brad Pitt having gay sex and sell them to the paparazzi.

    Create a genuine looking birth certificate and sell it to Obama

    Discover the next boxing champ, make your hair stand straight up and be his manager

    Sell your other kidney

    Claim to have discovered the internet AND global warming and hit the lecture circuit

    Kill Nancy Pelosi (not sure what the reward is but it's probably substantial)

    Write a "best seller" (aren't all of them best sellers?)
  4. Whatever the account size you start with, It's more important to START and season your TRACK RECORD.

    Then raise, via, normal business fund raising

    Friends and Fam
    Credit Cards
    Business Lines of Credit
  5. Below is how Buffet got started:

  6. TheBird


    Do be careful and understand the securities laws. How you raise money and from who and using what instrument (limited partnership, LLC, promissory note) can bring you under SEC laws. If you unwittingly violate them it can be a catastrophe. Just a word to the wise.