How to raise money for managed accounts

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    Question: How to raise money for managed accounts?
    Creative ideas are welcome, too. Should one beg from wealthy people, advertise in Google, spam forums... or just wait - All good things come to those who wait (and perform well :) ).

    Not too seriously, but seriously, how good traders start to trade OPM in the first place. There must be a demand for good trading out there.

  2. no sane person going to give any money to an unproven wet behind the ears kid so he can play trader. its either family or nothing. sorry that is just the way it is.
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    And how do you define unproven? When unproven changes to proven?

    And in general, how those "proven oldies" raise money? Question is still the same.
  4. truth be known few proven traders can raise money either. its hardly worth the effort. if you start playing with other peoples money you open yourself up to a big regulatory burden. the cost for that is pretty much fixed so even if you only raise a few million you have to cover that cost. do you want the burden of paperwork and customer relations for what a couple million will make you in fees. i think not.
    a better way to go is something like bright trading prop firm. they will give you a few million to trade without the burden and let you keep the profits.
  5. Oh p*** off ^^^

    So in that sense Buffet, Soros, Rodgers and all the other multi billionaires should have just kept trading their misely accounts...?

    The path to truly big money (tens millions+) is to manage O.P.M.

    Elite trader "true traders make a living off their own $25,000 accounts)

    Think big. sure it take stime/effort/money but the rewards can be massive.
  6. sure. but it isnt going to happen to you. tiger woods makes billions playing golf too. what are the odds for you?

    how may times over the years i have been here do you think i have seen some newbe come on elite and ask "how do i raise millions to trade"?
  7. who says he's a newbie?

    You do not have to a "Rodger Federer" of the trading world to make consistent gains and manage money....

    sure if you was amknig 100%+ every year you'd be a billionaire with no need to manage O.P.M. but for the rest of us mortals making + gains isn't rocket science.

    Cut losses/ Let profits run/ Take small risks END OF
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    Post your record on Barclays, autumngold, etc and with good numbers you will get the inquires to take managed accounts. We are a CTA with only 15 months of history and that's been our experience to date.
  9. I agree with BIOG: It would be very helpful if you have three years of profitable trading experience, small draw downs (extremely important) and take the national commodities futures exam “Series 3”. And then people will give you lots of money and you will be rich and famous. Don’t forget small draw downs.
    You can go to for series 3 information.
  10. lol. what a day. they are out in force.
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