how to quickly place a limit order?

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  1. I have been using the DOM on my Thinkorswim platform which is a bit tricky to locate and choose the correct price in order to place a limit order.. My friend says he just right-clicks to place a limit order. Is this how you do it, as well. What I dont understand is after you right click do you still have to choose the price level you want. Do you have to enter the price level? How does a right click give you a limit order? Don't you still have to choose the price level? Say for example you want to buy on a pull back and you want to place a limit order at 1500.75 for a day trade? How to quickly place a limit order at 1500.75 without using DOM. Obviously it's different on every platform. But on your platform can u do this with one click? How does it work?
  2. IB TWS does this. You click on the offer to buy or the bid to sell and it starts an order ticket based on your default settings. If it's right, you just hit transmit after that.
  3. This one click trading is not available in all the brokers and you can see some are providing one click trading.

    Actually if you are a day trader then you should not worry about setting a limit order as it will take maximum of 5 seconds.
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    Long story short, place your limit order, with a bit of ''give'';
    that way you dont chase a market all down , or chase it all up + never get filled.LOL. Been there, dont live there.:cool:
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    In TOS you can right click on the chart and select BUY or SELL.. this will be a limit order at the price where your mouse is located.

    Be aware of your 'auto send' setting.. if checked, doing the above will directly place the limit order without confirmation.
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    It almost takes the order instantly when there is no much busy market, but if the market is busy then i keep seeing this trade context busy message.