How to protect esl-Code

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  1. Hi,

    does any has experience in protecting Easy Language code for TradeStation?

    What I mean is further than the protection the program offers by itself.


  2. Call up some system vendors and ask what THEY use. One likely candidate is Dean Hoffman, head honcho of www dot traderstech dot net , who sells "Synergy" and "Fusion" trading systems with software protection.

    I've coded my own security method that works quite well (i.e. difficult to reverse engineer) but it has a steep cost: it runs VERY slow: about 10 seconds run time per year of price data on an old 833 MHz Dell deskside computer.

    It's nothing more than Security Through Obscurity. Which in fact is the only possible option for a software-only approach. Sit and think about it, you'll agree.

    The big idea is: create an intermediate level trading system "language" (call it Ugly Language) and write an interpreter for it in Tradestation EL. You write your system in Ugly Language and store it in a file. Your "protected" ELS system is an interpreter for Ugly Language, written in TS. It opens the UL file, reads the system, and executes the steps you've programmed.

    You can make Ugly Language as arbitrarily confusing and obscure as you like. For example you can use misleading keywords ("Average" might really mean "TrueRange") or you can make Ugly Language look like Morse Code (only characters are dot and dash) or whatever else your sick, sick mind can dream up.
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