How to promote bonds

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    Douglas Fairbanks holding up Charlie Chaplin in front of crowd to promote Liberty Bonds, Lower Manhattan, NYC , 1918


    Can you see what he is holding onto?
  2. Just "Lower Manhattan" ?

    The picture was taken at the intersection of Wall and Broad looking West on Wall St to Trinity Church.

    They are at Federal Hall on the platform in front of the statue of George Washington. Across the street is the NYSE.

    Another picture of the same event looking East on Wall St is here:
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    I see you caught the most important part of the post, congrats!!! But thanks for the other picture anyway...
  4. If I was selling bonds, the first thing I would do is give everybody a free hat

    It's clear from historical pictograhical evidence that bond buyers wear hats.

    It wouldn't hurt to put out a few false news reports that shampoo and sun rays damage the scalp and everybody just to be safe should wear a hat when going outside.

    Once you got them all wearing hats it should be easy to sell them bonds.

    I mean, that's how they did it in the past.
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    ...I would just hold Jim Carrey up by the gooch, since Chaplin is dead.