How to profit from the coming "New World Order?"

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  1. There seems to be multiple calls for a single world currency and the British PM Brown has called for a "New World Order," according to Drudge. How can one profit from this new world order, and how does one adapt to the imminet change to be ahead of the game?

    "If you can't beat them, join them." - Anonymous
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    They were great in WCW weren't they.

    Anyone remember the shock when Hogan joined :)
  3. I am investing in gold (GLD), oil (USO) and agricultural commodities (DBA). However, my gold is getting spanked today.
  4. short the dollar

    buy oil

    buy goog aapl ma rimm

    buy anything benefits from a weak dollar and rising commodity prices and steady inflation
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    Surprisingly, you're right.

    The Worlds economic giants will undertake a coordinated devaluation of their currencies, we'll have one more bull market, then a Depression worse than 1929 to serve as the catalyst to usher in a one world currency.

    Hard commodities, metals, stocks in the bull market, etc should do well.
  6. Stock what ACTUALLY are you long as of the close today? Nothing right? So the only reason you are posting here is to try and have people follow you're picks? It hasn't worked out very well for you right? You must have not have a shred of pride to keep on posting here...The chances of you answering my post is about with any thing close to the truth is about as big as your trading account.....0. You are such a poser.
  7. You sound like the teal frank grimes and stock_trad3r is Homer Simpson!
  8. Get out of the dollar. Of course it may take a year or two for the currency to devalue....but hold you'r cash in Evergreen Bank out East. I have all my free capital CD baskets of Currency, heavy weighted in the Euro. I will be liquidating that and rolling it into the "New Currency" when it comes around. I have already discussed the process with Evergreen, if and when it happens.

    OIL, OIL, OIL. I am biased because I deal with Oil Drilling in the US. I have 90% of my net worth in Oil, diffrent variations. But none the less, its working out well.

    Land, Land and more land. Land is "Cash Poor'. So, if you don't have the Coin to buy it "Out Right" then your crazy to buy in at all. Besides, Banks are no lending for "Land" that is Unimproved. They will only lend a small portion of Improved Land and the rates are still in the 10%......Land is not easy to liquidate. So, if your gona need the money, don't tie it up in land, no matter how good the deal is.

    Guns. But more importantly, AMMO. AMMO has risen 400% in the last 7 months for all my 'Guns". The Ammo shops are not allowing you to buy in Bulk. So, you have to make weekly trips.

    I Know this sounds a bit crazy to all you in Chicago, LA, NYC, Miami, etc. But the events that are to unfold, 5, 20 years from now are set in motion. So, you play it the way you see fit.

    I do not think that the "WORSE" will come anytime soon. The seeds are being planted. However, I can't go wrong with 100% of my net worth, spread out among the above items. I still buy toys, I still enjoy spending money, I shop in the trendy fashion stores, (Buying a ATV for the land for sure). I'm not worried. I will continue to stack wealth in the Oil Game....until the 'Clients" stop buying. Plenty of years left to make a shit load of money.

    You prepare how you prepare. But the last 7 months has been enough evidence to make me believe in the NWO, the idea they want population control, Wealth Destruction via the Markets, Debt and currencies being crushed.

    Im ready for this game...
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    Look to Rodgers, I think he is playing this perfectly

    Edit- Also, personally I have no fear of a new world order. As long as it is us and western europe creating it. The world in our image is better than the world currently. Imo, of course none of it should be forced on anyone. Only carrot, no stick.
  10. learn mandarin and move to china
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