How to prevent wireless routers from constantly need to be reset?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Daal, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. Daal


    In the building I live in they provide wireless internet as part of the package. I'm helping them out with some stuff and they are requesting my help in the internet area. The problem here is that the routers need to be constantly have to be reset as the signal just drops out every few days
    What can be done?
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    Knock someone (the right one) on their ass! Failing that, fix it and 'get 'er done!'

    Never 'scrimp' on a wireless router; do some searching and make sure you are getting the Mercedes or Lexus of 'routers'--then work the 'solution' down from there.


  3. GTS


    Cisco wireless access points.
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    There are all kinds of routers, d-link, TP-link, WRT120Ns from Cisco, they keep needing resets
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    Sorry, when I said Cisco I meant real Cisco, not a re-badged Linksys product.

    Example: Cisco Aironet 1142 Standalone
  6. Daal


    $600 price tag is completely outside the range of what they can afford
    Does anyone have experience using DD-WRT or OpenWRT?
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    ? Why can't a wireless router recognize a signal loss condition and a signal return condition and reset itself? Why is this so difficult for the geeks that design wireless routers to fix? Or am I misunderstanding, and this is really capitalism at its finest, i.e., if you want what is logical, you have to pay up, because we have bought up all the competition.
  8. GTS


    Have you really verified that the router is no longer broadcasting a signal versus other problem conditions associated more with the router part of the device rather than the wireless part, e.g. not handing out DHCP addresses, NAT table full, not passing traffic, etc. ?

    Most of the complaints I've heard about soho type wireless routers hanging up are problems with the router, not the wireless.
  9. DD-WRT is probably your first problem. Are you sure that when they were flashed that it was done with the right versions? DD-WRT's database has fallen apart in recent years so things that say unsupported or beta are now fully supported and not properly reflected.

    During the transition from being gorilla forced flash to legit beta to fully supported a lot of those bugs get worked out.

    Any time I have ever had issues with dd-wrt it has been from flashing unsupported firmware and then trying to run that router as enterprise when it wasn't.

    Heat is usually the cause why they shut down or appear to freeze (and need reboot).

    #1 I would bet that you are asking too much out of the hardware and #2 there are equally as good alternatives than bridging multiple wireless routers together.

    Do you have a wired LAN that this is all based on?
  10. I haven’t tried DD-WRT, but I put the Tomato firmware on my Linksys WRT54GL a few years ago and I have had exactly zero problems with it and I never need to reset it.
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