How to prepare?

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  1. How can I prepare for prop firm trading? I am looking at a 2 or 3 year timeline before applying to a firm.

    1) What eBooks, paper books, videos, blogs are worth looking at to learn about prop firm trading (day trading I suppose?)

    2) What software is available to look at charts and indicators that are similar to what proppers are looking at? What software is available to paper-prop-trade / simu-trade?

    3) What other things would you do to build up the perfect a) experience/true skill and b) qualifications to prop-trade?
  2. I say 'qualifications' there because there is a prop-firm in town (Vancouver Canada) that does not require a deposit, no commisions etc. You trade the firms capital only. I think you get paid proportionate to the gains you earn.

    That's the kind of place I want to apply to in a few years. So there must be qualifications (ie not just having $5k to hand over to them).
  3. lescor


    The qualifications are:
    a) a pulse
    b) breathing
    c) conscious

    good luck!
  4. I agree with lescor....just apply no need to really study anything before hand. If you have any interest in trading equities that should be enough to get you hired. good luck.
  5. Hmm.

    I think I can narrow that down to just being conscious.

    Wouldn't choice c indicate that a and b are already true?

    Sorry Corey. Just couldn't resist.:D
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    "How can I prepare for prop firm trading? I am looking at a 2 or 3 year timeline before applying to a firm."

    Buy an extra large bottle of astro glide and get ready to take it like a champ with desk fees, comissions, ect.
  7. never mind the extra size astro-glide. go to your local Costco and buy an industrial sized case of astro-glide lube. Also remember to pick up a mouth gag and a whip so you can churn out those commisions.
  8. I was looking at Pinnacle Equity Management in Vancouver. It doesnt seem to be the standard 'use your own money, pay us commisions' deal. Am I wrong?
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    PM me if you are asking for more details about that prop location especially.
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