how to prepare for night shift trading?

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    I am based in an Asia country and trading in US index futures. Very often I have to go to sleep around 11:00 PM but on the next day to find that I have missed a big move. Holding an overnight position is not ideal for my strategy that is based on 5-minute bars. I am thinking about trading in the night shift, but don't want to destroy my health for staying up all the night. What are the good ways to prepare for night shift trading? Thanks.
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  3. Buying coffee
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  4. My strategy often signals around 3am local time. I traded this manually for a while but now I'm automating so I wholeheartedly endorse this recommendation.
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    Automation won't be done in a while. Is there any sleep strategies? Thanks.
  6. Sure, set up an alert for your conditions, make it really really loud and let it wake you up.

    Would not recommend trading at night. You need to have a life.
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    you have a general kind of problem for people dealing with varying shifts. search on google etc,
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    I did 17 years working nights, and later on/off another 8 years and learned how to trade during the day. Most likely you have a day job. It will be difficult for you to go to sleep when you come home from day job and sleep evening, seal off your bedroom from outside lights, don't use computer or anything electronics for hour before and no exercise as this will make it much tougher to fall asleep. Do exercise during trading, put screen in front of equipment you will need to buy, you actually get in very good shape waiting for trades, don't drink coffee as your body just gets use to it and when time for bed it seemed to kick in when I needed sleep. Everyone is different in number of hours of sleep needed, so teas are better during trading, I would drink coffee before trading. As far as long term health, going against natural rhythm of the sun, tough to say, I been ill ten years with various auto immune diseases and cancer but others I know in perfect health. I most likely took on extra stresses between working nights and another fun profession working odd hours but less exercise done and eating more red meats, so keep in better shape and eat right, should be fine and get yearly physicals.

    Good luck.
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    forget it man, you will have no life

    find something in Asia and trade it
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